CIMB 2016 - Photo by: Cristina Gutierrez

CIMB 2016: Hard race, but successful!

The CIMB was a blast! A weekend completely dedicated to the bike-messengers, with a lot of races, and also a fixed gear criterium.

The RAW Santafixie Team was there and it was the first race of our new team member: Manuel Nuñez aka “El Bomba”.

All the team did a great job and they got an awesome results:


  • 1º Manu “El Bomba”
  • 2º Marco Hita
  • 9º Oriol Cañizar


  • 1º Francisca Campos

Photos by: Cristina Gutiérrez, Luís García, Toni de la Torre

Criterium Valencia III - Photo by: Mateo Soto

Criterium Valencia III

Our third time in Criterium Valencia, always a pleasure to visit this place.

This year we were with our three guys and they did a great job. During the qualify Marco got the best time of the track, Oriol the 7th place and Toni 11th.

In the PRO race, the battle for the top was hard. Marco was fighting to win but at in the final sprint he lost the first place.

Oriol did a great job because he had a fall during the race and he lost the main group, but after a huge effort he could reach back the first pack and finalize at 11th position.

And Toni was pushing hard during a lot of laps to be in the first group until the end, finishing in a 16th position.

Well done team!

Photos by: Mateo Soto

Criterium Pontevedra II - Photo by: Quique Bueno

Criterium Pontevedra II

Some days ago, Marco was in the Criterium Pontevedra II. A crazy weekend with races, parties, good food and a lot of friends.

Our rider did an awesome race, he was the faster rider during the qualify session and he was leading the pack plenty time during the race.

Finally, he and Luis Junquera fought for the win in the last sprint but Marco found a rider with a less lap in the track and Marco lost the first position.

Photos by: Quique Bueno

Wolfpack Hustle: Short Line Crit 3 - Photo by: Eli Pedraza (portada)

Wolfpack Hustle: Short Line Crit

After the race in the Red Hook Crit, in Brooklyn (NY), Francisca took a flight to Los Angeles, California to participate in one of the most important fixed gear race in the west coast: the Wolfpack Hustle Short Line Crit.

It was her first time in this race and she did a big job. She got the 10th place in the qualify sessions and during the final, she was with the first group and even she did a breakaway trying to get the victory.

Finally she got a great 6th place.

Photos by: Eli Pedraza

RSF on Tour: RHC Brooklyn No.9 - Photo by: RAW Cycling Mag (header)

RSF on Tour: RHC Brooklyn

Few days ago, part of our team were in New York to participate in the Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn No.9. The first chapter of the RHC Series was a blast.

Our riders did a good job! Francisca got the 8th best time on the qualify session, and 11th position in the womens final race. A lot of strong girls were there and they did an awesome race.

Regarding the boys, Marco qualified the 65th position jumping from the Group 5 to the final race directly. And Toni got the 139th place and he was part of the Last Chance Race.

Unfortunaly, in the mens final race there was a big accident and Marco hurt in his hand and couldn’t continue, but he’s super motivated to the next RHC Round!

Photos by: Eli Pedraza, Emanuele BarbaroRAW Cycling Magazine

Criterium Toledo - Photo by: Mario Cranks

Criterium Domus Ciudad Toledo

Last week it was the third edition of Criterium Domus Ciudad de Toledo and we were represented by our rider Marco Hita who did a great job during the qualify session with one of the best times, and during the race as well.

He was the first during some laps because he did a big effort with a peloton breakaway. In the last laps, he was defending his position until the end. Finally he got a fourth place. Nice!

In some days, we will be in NYC to the first Red Hook Crit!

Dosnoventa Houston 2016

Dosnoventa Houston 2016

Our new bikes for this season have arrived and they are almost ready.

This year we have a new Dosnoventa Houston (they are the first units of this new model) with custom colors. We can’t wait to race!

During these days we are testing and soon we will have an official photo shooting!